Solo at Konstepidemin 
21st of March - 13th of April, 2025
Göteborg (SWE)

Book on Camouflage 
2022/2023 allowed me to continue my artistic research into camouflage thanks to the Bernadottestipend at Konstakademien. The residency ended with a grand installation of tangible experiments which guided the audience through my research. However, this was just a small part of the material and ideas attained during my stay. As such, I am now making a book that tries to encompass the majority of my material and present it to an audience. This book has the aim to demilitarise camouflage and to give an insight into the work conditions, ideas and creations of artists at the frontline. I.e The project goes so far as to present camouflage material as unseen art works of the great wars. And makes an attempt at conveying camouflage as a methodology for making - both historically and for future makers.

Funders and supporters for the project are much welcome. Applications have been sent to various institutions to get the project going. Once again thanks to those who bought the publication at Konstakademien and started the production of the book. You’ll be given a book once it is done.

Graphic novel on Climate change and Tourism
This will be my first graphic novel. More details to be announced during the year.