Three Kings
Three Kings elaborated upon the narrative first encountered in the episodes on Instagram called: A hole to be filled, by having the featured characters being fleshly manifested and encountered in the garden of Hortus Zuidas, Amsterdam. The audience was invited to roam this tame place and find the wildlings that had temporarily taken refuge here. A guiding pamphlet with a map introduced newcomers to the narrative and helped them in their search for the works. An announced performative tour assisted the tired eyes or those with limited time to the dissimulated storyline and the exact locations of the characters; Michael, Nigel and Ahmat kings of all parties, the compost man Arron, a cactus from St-Niklaas, a man from Naples, a servant from Herpes, a dog that smoked and drank, a spirit that slipped, an artist that hopes to unite two spaces and a woman with child that were left behind. All grounded in tragic reality but presented as common mythologies.

29 items formed a narrative which pervaded the space through material presence, a pamphlet and a guided tour

Wood, mdf, plywood, sticks, branches, leaves, paper, ink, acrylics, jute, tape, bipod, tripod, old cap, glue, chalk, ashes, eggs, styrofoam, plaster, leaf suit, binoculars, nylon netting, desert boots, paracord, shockcord, bathroom towel from Verbeke foundation, sprinkler, hose, calabash, plastic tubes, plastic jug, rubberized metal wiring, rubber plate, bar chair seat, canvas, plastic foil, poles, rusty spade, antenna, zip-ties, dpm-boonie hat, bandage and cactus from St-Niklaas.

Pamphlet and map can be downloaded here

Take the tour below: