Some things, so close, they can’t be seen
“Wenn ich sitze, will ich nicht
sitzen, wie mein Sitz-Fleisch möchte,
sondern wie mein Sitz-Geist sich,
säße er, den Stuhl sich flöchte...”

Der Ästhet, Christian Morgenstern

A series of objects in dialogue. Occasionally activated through a performative tour, which pointed out items that would otherwise be missed. Furthermore, from my words unraveled a narrative of the relationship between Rietveld, Mrs Schröder and their families. This drama marked itself in the subdued surface of the things around. It was clear how the objects had seen it all. They remained in place but shivered - from both the turmoil and the fear of being revealed.

42 items formed a narrative which pervaded the space through material presence, my performative tour and an illustrated leaflett

Third floor -
Room: Rietveld’s Blue and Red Chair, poem fitted under the chair, aquarium on pedestal with 7 twigs, book with 7 documented twigs, pedestal with off-set printed leaflets (500 copies) and Gurga (40 x 30 cm).
Stairs: Monochrome I (88 x 70 cm) Shivering wall I ( 188 x 93 cm) Bex (307 x 207 cm) and Grugs ( 101 x 101 cm)

Second floor -
Stairs: Monochrome II (88 x 52 cm), Shivering wall II (188 x 93 cm), Shivering wall III (188 x 93 cm), Auge (70 x 40 cm), pimple on plinth, elevated step by 2 cm and dust left as a clue of its presence.

First floor -
Stairs: Monochrome III (70 x 70 cm), Shivering wall IV (188 x 93 cm), wall with peak hole, urn looking back at the viewer (a portrait of Gerrit Rietveld), Facade (185 x 120 cm) and Mrs. Schröder (115 x 81 cm).

Ground floor -
Stairs: Monochrome IV (70 x 70 cm), Shivering wall V (188 x 93 cm), Shivering wall VI (188 x 93 cm), Shivering wall VII (188 x 93 cm ) and the nose of Rietveld hung on an electric socket.

Basement -
Stairs: Cup with eye, looking back at you if seen from above.
On the ground: Pot with reed, an extra pair of stairs leading nowhere and Hysteria ( 200 x 120 cm).

Wood, MDF, clay, ceramics, canvas, partition walls, metal frame, twigs, aquarium, sand, dirt, reed, karton roll, nails, screws, paper, glue, ink and paint.

Documented with the help of Gert Jan van Rooij and
Lukas Messner