Like a twisted sock

Supper surgery. A mackerel in a tin can. You remove the sauce with a spoon. What is left? That solitary fillet. Looking at you with a grey body. King Oscar's eyes. Bleeding.

The same unease will hit you at this tour. Paintings will be scooped away like the sauce. Mute and numb, a new field is observed. All those elements of which you took for granted, will now present themselves and walk on you - like a stage. They might even make a grin from the top of your head and so will hysteria be found where you perceived security. Like a twisted sock in your boot. So bend over, rest and adjust your shoe. From here we act as one.

Lets sit down in the shade of their smiles.

A performative lecture that questioned our perception of the museum and the objects inside. Perpetrators were pointed out on both sides of the frame’s threshold. We look at them and they look at us. But do we know each other? Distress was felt just like a twisted sock in your boot.

The perfromance at Kode 4 was organized by Hordaland Kunstsenter, Bergen, Norway.

Wood, wood glue, screws, nails, paint, chalk, newspapers, varnish, wallpaper glue, potato starch, nylon rope, ranger green paint and DPM-boonie hat.

 Transcript from the event