Joakim Derlow

Artist from Sweden with outposts in Amsterdam and Stockholm.

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My work revolves around narratives conveyed in fragments through a multitude of mediums such as: drawings, sculpture, paintings, publications, videos, found objects and my performative presence. These pieces work on their own but are meant to be seen together in a site specific setting where they posses the suggestive qualities of what happened, is happening or about to happen - thus forming the notion of a story.

One therefore wanders through my exhibitions step by step - work by work - collecting ideas and clues of the story and its subject matter. The spectator’s associative qualities are hard at work and fill in the missing pieces. This spatial awareness of an audience is the element that strings the works together, reads out trails and pervades the space together with the narrative at hand.

The narratives that I convey are a mix between the site specific material, anecdotes or historical aspects of the exhibition space contra a fictional narrative influenced by my extensive research in perception and camouflage. That is why my work often takes unexpected angles in which I play with the hierarchies of seeing and alter the experience of the art venue - you see, my works are often camouflaged characters with an interest to remain unseen. A paradoxal format for an exhibition, yet instilled with such generosity and humour that it entices an audience to linger or return. This is also where I step in as a work myself - a performative guided tour or a misleading poem is staged by me in the exhibition to serve as a mediator between the audience and the work.

One therefore wanders through my exhibitions like the urban battlefield - one step at the time. Fascination and dismay conjoined. Eyes awakened through my lessons in seeing.