Joakim Derlow

Artist from Sweden with outposts in Amsterdam and Stockholm.

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Residency at Hordaland Kunstsenter,
Bergen, Norway - 2018

Part of the exhibition Beelden in Leiden
Leiden, The Netherlands - 2017

Part of the Graduation Show - Gerrit Rietveld Academie,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 2016

Part of the exhibition BackYart,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 2015

Part of the exhibition Rietveld at DordtYart,
Dordrecht, The Netherlands - 2015

Part of the project Feed Europe,
Venice Biennale, Italy - 2014

Part of the exhibition Bochumer Straße Spricht,
Gelsenkirchen, Germany - 2014

Part of the exhibition Constant Companion,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 2014.  


Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Bachelor in Fine Arts,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands - 2012-2016

Serieskolan, Malmö,
Sweden - 2011

Nyckelviksskolan, Crafts, Stockholm,
Sweden - 2010


The unworn skirt on a tattered table, the glove left on the ground in a diva-like pose, or a sling slung around in dancing distress. I read their structure and make out their form. Objects and persons made into characters and moved through their surroundings by a story. I would
call it: A gestalt and its habitat. It is from there my work take its shape.

Those pieces are mostly made up of visual elements, primarily in the form of man-sized paintings or desk-covering drawings. They stand by themselves but are mostly displayed in groups or series. These flocks of flat imagery are often activated by objects (crafted, assembled or found) within the space of arrangement.
  In the relation between objects and imagery a sort of equation is played out. Objects stand for truth. Imagery stand for variables and the possibilities of: what happened, could or will happen. Together they shape a presence of a narrative.

A narrative always burdened by the gestalt in its habitat. The two together work as the actor on stage, neither can escape from the other in order to truly exist. The same struggle is present in my work-process, because without me manifesting the narrative into physical shape, I am unable to move off the stage to the next.