Ants and Crickets

A fiddling tune or a bustling bash
Old fruit, new song
wicker and dicker sobbing along
You harvest, without thought of winter

The building had set out on a path. From anatomical laboratory to artist studios onto hotel. Between the pendulum of purposes came a brief breather. The doors stood open and a few objects took shelter. Their only certainty was uncertainty - because, where and when to leave?

32 items formed a narrative which pervaded the space through material presence, a dinner and a guided tour

Wood, canvas, bricks, tarp, twigs, jerrycan, jute, various plants, printing ink, sand, dirt, nails, screws, paper, glue, paint, ink, human bones, unknown bones, honey, flour, salt, water, brass sun, tin bowl, nylon cord, vinegar, moths, snails, jars, skater’s shoe, dried toad, ancient condom, hairclip, magnolia fruit, herbs, various fruits and vegetables.

A project with Lukas Messner and Gianmaria Andreetta.