Video / Filmed performance

A hole to be filled

A hole to be filled is a film essay revolving around my stay in the green house at the Verbeke foundation, 2019. Local history, material findings, flora, fauna, earlier residents, their unfinished works and conflicts all play part in this Shakespearean vlog with a dissimulated yet dramatic narrative. The viewer follows me as an eccentric individual that has reunited with his dearest habitat but he is soon to find that he shares it with someone else. Camouflage and its countermeasure: seeing, become the tools from which the narrative unfolds. It is through my guiding voice and the vertical formated video that the audience feel as if they are the ones that uncover the secrets of the space.

The work was first seen as a fragmented collection of videos on handheld devices through the app Instagram. The videos were edited and had additions of sound + music during late 2019 / early 2020.